How To Farm Malignant Rings in Diablo 4 Season 2?

  • Malignant Rings are a new and powerful type of ring added in the Diablo 4 1.2.2 update. These rings provide strong boosts and effects themed around the Malignant powers from Diablo 4's first season. With the right Malignant Ring, you can take your character builds to the next level.

    In this guide, we'll break down how to farm Malignant Rings by repeatedly defeating the Echo of Varshan boss. We'll cover the materials needed to summon Varshan, the best ways to acquire them, and the full loot table so you know exactly what to expect.

    What Are Malignant Rings?

    Malignant Rings are class-specific rings that provide powerful effects based on the Malignant powers from Diablo 4's inaugural Season of the Malignant. There are 5 Malignant Rings in total:

    • Writhing Band of Trickery (Rogue)

    • Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop (Sorcerer)

    • Ring of the Red Furor (Barbarian)

    • Airidah’s Inexorable Will (Druid)

    • Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul (Necromancer)

    The abilities provided by the Malignant Rings are very strong for boosting specific builds. For example, the Writhing Band of Trickery generates decoy traps for Rogues, while the Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul automatically triggers corpse abilities for Necromancers. Diablo 4 gold and D4 items are valuable resources for improving your stats and gear, but a good Malignant Ring can take you to the next level.

    How to Summon Varshan

    The Echo of Varshan is the target boss for farming Malignant Rings. Varshan can be summoned by gathering materials and performing a ritual in the Malignant Burrow underneath the Tree of Whispers. Here are the steps:

    1. Collect the following materials:

      • Gurgling Head

      • Blackened Femur

      • Trembling Hand

      • Malignant Heart (WT4 only)

    2. Go to the Tree of Whispers and locate the Malignant Burrow entrance

    3. Interact with the altar inside and place the materials to begin the ritual

    4. Defeat Varshan when he spawns

    The Gurgling Head, Blackened Femur, and Trembling Hand are found in Whispering Caches earned for completing Whispers of the Dead events around the map. The Malignant Heart only drops from elite enemies in WT4 after events and world bosses.

    If you are short on materials, you can visit the local Alchemist. With some extra D4 gold and crafting components, they can transmute excess materials into the pieces you are missing. This is helpful if RNG gives you too many of one part.


    Varshan's Loot Table

    Once summoned, Varshan has a chance to drop a wide variety of powerful loot. Here are the notable items he can drop:

    • Malignant Rings

    • Other class-specific Unique items

    • Generic Unique items like Mother's Embrace

    • The Flesh-Weld Rod mount trophy

    It's unclear if Malignant Rings are a guaranteed drop or only a chance. The best way to get your Malignant Ring is to farm the Echo of Varshan repeatedly. The more times you summon and defeat him, the better your odds if the rings are random. Having a stockpile of materials will let you quickly respawn Varshan for rapid farming.

    Farming Tips

    Here are some tips to speed up your Malignant Ring farming:

    • Stockpile materials from Whisper Caches before you start.

    • Complete Whispers events regularly to earn more Caches.

    • Use the Alchemist to transmute excess pieces into what you need.

    • Kill world bosses and do events to get Malignant Hearts.

    • Bring friends to quickly burn down Varshan.

    • Equip Magic Find gear and paragon skills.

    With some diligent farming of Varshan, you'll greatly increase your chances of getting your Malignant Ring. The unique powers they offer can drastically improve character builds. Once you get your hands on one, it will be a huge boost to clearing higher difficulties and farming D4 items even faster.

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