Gearing Up for the End of Days: In-Depth Guide to Items in Lord

  • Lords of the Fallen thrusts players into a dark and treacherous fantasy world overrun by demonic forces and the undead. Survival against such ruthless enemies requires more than just combat skill - you must utilize the full arsenal of weaponry, armor, consumables, and magical Lords of the Fallen items scattered throughout this vast realm. This comprehensive guide will provide an in-depth look at the myriad of equipment one can acquire on their epic quest to confront the Fallen God.


    Melee Weapons

    When going blade to blade with skeleton warriors, parasitic monstrosities, and other vile creatures, you’ll need a lethal melee weapon suited to your fighting style. One-handed maces, axes, swords, claws, and hammers allow for a shield or spell-casting in the off-hand, while massive two-handed weapons like the Greatsword and Warhammer provide immense striking power at the cost of defense. Even traditional monk weapons like the Cestus and Monk's Staff have their place in overwhelming foes with rapid blows.

    Each melee weapon type comes in multiple base forms with randomized properties, leading to great variety. For example, the Longsword may appear as a Knight’s Sword with bonus Holy damage or a Warrior’s Sword providing extra armor penetration. These bonuses allow for specialized builds, like using a Demon Claw for necromantic spellcasting.


    Ranged Weapons

    While rushing headfirst into the fray may sound appealing, certain encounters demand the tactical application of ranged weapons instead. Bows and crossbows allow for dealing steady damage from a distance with regular ammunition, while mystical wands, rods, and staves provide means to inflict magical harm upon foes, along with casting restorative or enhancement spells. Standard throwing weapons like knives, javelins, and throwing stars round out your options for keeping adversaries at bay.

    As with melee weapons, ranged weapons have randomized properties that can offer bonuses like extra damage, critical hit chance, armor penetration, or elemental effects like poison, fire, and ice. For example, an Arcane Staff may possess added dark magic damage, or a Longbow of Wounding could deal piercing bleed damage with each arrow. Having the right tool for the job is the key to mastering both close quarters and long range combat.



    Donning protective gear provides the vital role of shielding your vulnerable flesh from the cruel blades, cudgels, spells, and fangs of the demonic legion. Robust plate armor boasts the greatest defense but at the expense of speed and mobility, while light leather affords agility over safety. Special helms, gauntlets, leg guards, pauldrons, and cloaks each add incremental bonuses to overall protection.

    As with weapons, the many forms of helmets, chest pieces, gloves, pants, and boots have a vast degree of random attributes. A Knight’s Helm may enhance ice resistance, while Alchemist Boots could increase potion duration. This allows for crafting armor sets tailored specifically to lean into your build’s strengths. Ancillary gear like rings, amulets, and runes also grant protection from certain damage types when socketed properly.



    While swords and sorcery win battles, it’s the wide array of consumable items that often provide the winning edge in dire circumstances. Health and energy restoring potions, scrolls imbued with spells, weapon and armor improvement kits, manuals to temporarily increase attributes and skills, rare crafting materials and special vials or powders offer invaluable advantages against the imposing denizens of the Rhogar realm.

    Potions like Elixirs of Will and Philters of Power provide short term boosts right when you need them most, such as when facing bosses or invading the demonic strongholds. Store-bought position oils add elemental damage for specific enemy types. Crafting scrolls, whetstones, and armor kits using drops allows improving your equipment beyond its native potential. Even humble consumables like bandages and energy drinks can mean the difference between victory and defeat.


    Key Items

    In addition to standard gear, certain unique relics uncovered through exploration or completing quests gain you access to new areas or otherwise advance the story and your character’s power. Gems, rune stones, skull keys, divine artifacts, and mysterious components for ancient machinery are just some of the special inventory items you may come across.

    These types of key items allow interacting with obstacles, unlocking sealed gates, illuminating darkness, and bypassing other barriers inhibiting progress. They also lend aid in particularly challenging boss fights. For example, the Heart of Sar is instrumental in weakening the fearsome demon during your climactic confrontation. Tracking down and utilizing key items makes you feel like more than just a lone warrior.

    Gearing up with these weapons, armor, consumables, and key items found throughout the fortress of Rhogar and beyond empowers you to confront the scourge of otherworldly horrors sweeping the land. With smart preparation and shopping, tactical consumable use, and keeping your arsenal in top form, you alone may be able to stem the tide of darkness rising in Lords of the Fallen. Steel yourself for battle and begin the quest to collect the tools needed to become the Champion this world needs!