Various challenges in Path of Exile 3.22

  • You will find new content for the various challenges in every single area that you explore. It is not enough to simply kill monsters in order to acquire the same quantity of currency or valuable items as you would have otherwise if you did not have this restriction.

    Produce additional items that can be traded for currency and become familiar with the workings of the new challenge mechanics that have been introduced. The Bestiary can be found here. The Bestiary is an additional type of master mission mechanic that players have the opportunity to utilize. Those who are successful in completing it will be rewarded with beasts to add to their menagerie as a token of appreciation for their efforts.

    Players contribute to Einar's hunt for beasts by bringing the health of the enemies they face as low as they possibly can, which in turn helps Einar in his hunt. In addition, the players have the potential to earn currency by directly contributing to the elimination of specific beasts that are located within the arena.

    On the one-of-a-kind map of the Farric Taurus, there is an imprint of the Craicic Chimeral.
    The Farric Pit Hound is a trustworthy companion that can be obtained at level 21.

    The Saqawine Vulture is an extremely rare set of armor that can be linked together and consists of six individual pieces linked together.

    There is a portal in Craiceann's Cove that leads to the lair of Fenumus Atzoatl, the Craicic Spider Crab. This portal was created by an arachnid hybrid belonging to the genus Fenumal. It is possible to access this portal by traveling to Craiceann's Cove.

    1. After a player has completed a certain number of Alva's tasks, the area's portals will become accessible to her and she will be able to enter it through those portals

    2. It brought about an increase in the total quantity of items that dropped, including monetary units, which brought about an increase in the total quantity of items that dropped as a result of it

    3. Atzoatl is an independent map that can be used at no cost at all

    4. Target farming in other rooms, which offers a greater potential for extremely valuable rewards, is preferred by a number of players for this reason

    5. The reason for this preference lies in the fact that these other rooms offer a greater variety of targets

    6. This right here would be an illustration of what we call a Timeless Monolith

    7. Once they have been activated, they will pit themselves against the Legion in a conflict of some kind

    8. In order to put together the ancient symbol in its entirety, you will need to collect a total of one hundred of its fragments


    It is possible that players will obtain incubators as loot from their fights against Legion. This is a distinct possibility. They are worth a respectable sum of money if they are offered for sale to other players. Make sure that your price is competitive with the rest of the market. The following are some examples of additional kinds of incubators that are frequently used:

    The Geomancer's Incubator is a collection of six unique items that can be exchanged for a quantity of divine orbs that is proportional to the set's value in exchange for it. 

    Oils and blighted versions of various maps are two examples of the types of rewards that can be obtained from blight. You can engage in a map trade with other players using the ones that have been demolished, and you can use those maps as currency. If the player is successful in completing the Blighted map without encountering any failures along the way, they will be rewarded with a significant number of chests that have been blighted. Some of the blight reward chests will give out currency even if you don't meet any of the other requirements. The utilization of various organs can confer a wide variety of benefits, depending on the organ in question. In addition to the rewards obtained from competing leagues, such as scarabs, oils, incubators, and fossils, there are options available for receiving direct currency as a form of compensation. You can earn these rewards by achieving a certain level of success in your endeavors. These, once transformed, have the potential to yield the same rewards as the others, but there is a greater chance that they will be of greater value.

    There are players who don't do anything more complicated than stacking all five organs with a variety of currency reward mods. These players are called "stackers."

    A delirious state or conditionThere is a possibility that players will discover Delirium mirrors at the beginning of each map, despite the fact that this is a very unlikely occurrence.
    You ought to make it a goal to take as many people's lives as you possibly can. There is a possibility of receiving a direct reward, and this reward takes the shape of monetary compensation; additionally, it resembles an orb of chaos.

    Seed caches are a type of hidden location that can be found on maps and contain various types of seeds that can be planted. As a consequence of this, it is possible that it will be to your advantage to collect seeds on your maps so that you can sell them later.

    In addition to that, the labyrinth itself contains a number of different chests that all have the potential to yield monetary rewards. There are several names for the same location, including the Labrynth Trove, Emperor's Trove, Emperor's Treasury, and Emperor's Vault. All of these names refer to the same location.

    It was rumored that the Eternal Labyrinth, which can be found at the very end of the game, offered more valuable currency rewards. As a reward for completing quests on the Niko map, which can be found here, you can claim this item. Every day, players will receive a brand new free Niko mission that must be completed in order to progress in the game. There is a possibility that completing a boss fight on a map will allow you to access an additional Niko mission that you can play through. The player is able to initiate the excavation process once they have accumulated a sufficient quantity of sulphite in their inventory. Beginners can benefit from farming azurite through the use of the direct method because it does not call for a high level of expertise or risk, and they are able to do it on any depth level that is comfortable for them.

    Funds that are a result of direct acquisition.
    There are currency nodes, and each of them has an icon and some information about the currency to which it corresponds. This information can be viewed by clicking on the icon. The Vaal Outpost is one of the special nodes that may have a chest that contains some form of currency inside of it. As a consequence of this, devoting more of your time to researching the topic is likely going to be productive for you.

    Geology is the study of rocks as well as fossils.
    This approach is more comprehensive and, in the majority of cases, results in a greater financial gain. Because of this, farming them in the delve is a productive use of time. When traversing lengthy delve corridors, it is not uncommon to come across parallel side passages off to the side. In many cases, fossils are hidden behind the walls of these passages.

    This strategy is not suggested for beginners because it necessitates a significant amount of practice before one can completely understand delve layouts. As a result, it is not recommended for beginners. If there is a long corridor immediately adjacent to an empty space on the map that should be where a node is supposed to be, then there must be something hidden there behind a wall. The node should be located where the empty space is.



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