Compare the two ARPGs: Wolcen and Path of Exile

  • The active ability gem system is one of the most distinctive features of Path of Exile. When you balance and release your talents, you will find active talent gems around the world. Place these active skill stones in weapons or armors, you can use POE Currency. When you take out the stone, you also lose strength.

    When you put colored gems in the color slot, you can use the skills of active gems. If you remove a gem from the armor, you must put it back in place before you can use this ability.

    Each type of gem represents different attributes: blue represents intelligence, green represents agility, and red represents strength. The ability to match your own data will make you perform better. For example, hunters may use green active gems, but red active gems are the best.

    During the adventure, your first active skill gem will drop from a monster or chest. Rob it like a normal gear. When choosing from a supplier, it is best to read all gems related to statistical colors. If you find some gems that can use your skills, please choose the gems that you think are the most interesting.

    Once your active skill gem level rises, you can choose to upgrade the active skill gem. This makes your active skill gems more powerful, but also makes it difficult to use. The higher your gem level, the more associated attributes you need to use it.

    POE PS4 Currency is the key to enjoying the Path of Exile.