We are very proud to be part of the Zappos Adaptive program

  • Sell Zappos Gift Cards "We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Zappos for the launch of UGG UNIVERSAL. Not only has Zappos created Zappos Adaptive a curated shopping experience that makes fashion functional and available to all but they have encouraged us to adapt our heritage styles so they are now truly accessible. We are very proud to be part of the Zappos Adaptive program," said Andrea O'Donnell President Fashion Lifestyle Deckers Brands. "We greatly value our partnership with UGG a brand who shares our deep commitment for championing inclusivity and reducing inequalities within the fashion industry," said Dana Zumbo Business Development Manager Zappos Adaptive. "

    To make the outdoors more accessible for individuals and families alike through equipping them with timeless durable products Zappos’ initial rollout includes the iconic L.L.Bean Boot which is available on Zappos.com starting today. Customers looking for a comfy shoe to relax in post-adventure will be excited to know that The Wicked Good Slipper – one of L.L.Bean’s top-selling items – will be among the first L.L.Bean products to be available on Zappos.com this week. Throughout the month of October and beyond Zappos will continue to release a diverse selection of L.L.Bean products including outerwear flannels fleece and more. Each option comes in a variety of styles and sizes for men Zappos Gift Cards Codes women and children.

    Agent occupancy is the percentage of time that call center agents spend—or are predicted to spend—handling calls as a percentage of the time they are on the clock and a lower agent occupancy allows for more time to spend with any caller whom you sense may benefit from spending such time. While Zappos takes this approach in good times and bad I’d argue that for all of us in the face of COVID it’s important to emulate this way of doing business.